My Spooky Story

 I’ve been researching my family tree for about fourteen years and with the aid of several resources including the internet, I’ve completed a lot of  my family history.

About three years into my studies something peculiar happened.  I’d  been using one particular program to record all my ancestors’ details. This program had always worked fine until one particular evening when I’d been suddenly surprised to find the details I was typing in being altered.

In normal genealogical practice, a check of old census records reveals the age at that time of the person you are researching. From this you can roughly work out the year they were born. So there I was, religiously entering dates for each family member I’d found in the census. 1848-1849, 1861-1862 and so on, but when I looked at the screen I found that each time I pressed the enter button to move on to the next family member, the dates had mysteriously changed from “1848-1849” to “Feb 1848” or something similar, but always giving a month and a year. In the two years I’d used this program the data I entered hadn’t ever changed like this before and the funny thing was the data was only changed for all the members of one or two families.  It was as if someone who knew the months these people were born were trying to pass this information on.

I’m really spooked now as so far these dates are proving correct. A cousin who visited a couple of years ago from Australia said she could see four spirits with me which is very unusual.  Could they be my long deceased ancestors helping me with the family tree?

What do other readers think and have any of you had strange experiences?



About caroleparkes

My husband calls me a butterfly because I flit from one hobby to another. Apart from being a wife for 52 years, a mother of three sons, and a grandmother, I'm also an author, genealogist, amateur artist, a lover of most needlecrafts, and occasional poet. Of the above, my most enduring interest has been writing and I hope to be doing it well into old age.
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4 Responses to My Spooky Story

  1. chmjr2 says:

    Could I borrow one of those sprits? I have a few brick walls I could use some help with. 🙂


    • Yes, it was really weird and hasn’t happened in the 11 years since. By the way, the program I was using was the free one from

      I’ve often wished it would happen again as I too have a few brick walls, ha ha.


  2. Either you HAVE got someone peering over your shoulder and prompting you or the Genealogy programme itself is linked to an online database which has full information in it and corrects or updates what you are typing 🙂


    • Hey, I never thought of it like that but truthfully, there were many instances where that should have happened as it was a free program called PAF (Personal Ancestral File) from one of the biggest genealogical databases, the IGI (International Genealogy Index). However, this freak incident happened only on the one evening and only with one close family group. I cannot explain it and that’s why I called it my spooky story. I’d love to hear any other unexplained experiences other members have encountered.


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