How Strange Life Is!

How strange life is!

Mostly we live our lives in a humdrum sort of way, preparing meals and eating them, washing the dishes, going to school or work, etc., with only the occasional fantastic, “Whoopee” up days.  We leave school, freedom!  Study for a degree or start work, exciting!  Fall madly in love, amazing!  Marry have children and then grandchildren, each new event a wonder!  We may even win the lottery if we’re very lucky.  Then of course we have the dreadful “chin on the ground” down days.  Maybe we work too hard and become depressed or ill, or sadly we might lose a loved one, suffer debt or the thousand and one other unfortunate things that can befall us.

We’re so busy and insulated living our own little lives, lurching from euphoria to catastrophe that time passes us by at an alarming rate. Before we know it we’ve lived the best part of our lives, the children have left home to start the cycle all over again and we, their redundant parents, can now see the pattern forming and how it repeats itself generation after generation.  There’s time now to think on how this pattern must have always been, long before our time.  So this is how it was for me too and I suspect for many other budding genealogists of a certain age.  Now that we can see a little of the future we begin to wonder about the past.

Just who were our grandparents, our great grandparents and the generations before them?  What sort of people were they? Where did they live? How did they live their lives?  Were their struggles so very different to ours?  What did they look like?  Do I or my children bear any resemblance to them?  Do we succumb to the same diseases and afflictions that they suffered?  So many questions we can ask, but just how easy is it to find out the answers?

Not easy at all.  It’s an uphill task this genealogy thing.  The more I delve into the past and try to uncover some facts about my ancestors, the more resolved I become to leave some documentation about my family.  There may come a time when one of my great, (etc.) grandchildren are researching our generations and I would like to think I made it a little easier for them than it is for me.

Do you have this urge to leave something of yourself behind?

Is your writing part of that need?


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About caroleparkes

My husband calls me a butterfly because I flit from one hobby to another. Apart from being a wife for 52 years, a mother of three sons, and a grandmother, I'm also an author, genealogist, amateur artist, a lover of most needlecrafts, and occasional poet. Of the above, my most enduring interest has been writing and I hope to be doing it well into old age.
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1 Response to How Strange Life Is!

  1. Morgan says:

    Wonderful Post Carole 🙂 And thanks for the shout out links. I love checking out other blogs!


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