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It’s Getting Better Every Day

  It’s Getting Better Every Day Long ago, when I wrote my début novel, I found my primary aim was getting the story down in a readable form. Next, I went through the obligatory process of reading and editing it several … Continue reading

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My Faceless Gravatar

  My faceless Gravatar Help, I’ve been overtaken by Gravatar. I didn’t want it, didn’t need it, but I can’t get rid of it.   When I first joined  WordPress, I used to enjoy clicking on an avatar and seeing a wonderful, exciting Home … Continue reading

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Original Acrylic Painting – Deserted Beach

  Promoting Authors, Artists and Poets ( I’m delighted to see others are now adding lists to their blogs) http:// Add your website here. Copy this list to your next post to … Continue reading

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Photos On My Wall

    Photos On My Wall Many photos on my wall Those happy, smiling faces, Children young and Oh! So small Memories, no time erases *** Babes in arms, cuddled and kissed, First ice cream, and days at school, Loved … Continue reading

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Original Acrylic Painting of an Old English Country Cottage

    Promoting Authors, Artists and Poets http:// your website here. Copy this list and add it to your next post. You’ll be promoting other bloggers as well as yourself. Would you like … Continue reading

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What Is Love?

  What is Love? Does anybody know what love is? My guess is no-one can define it, or put it into a single sentence, least of all me. Neither am I an expert on marriage, but, having been married for fifty-three years, and … Continue reading

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Funny Friday: The Writer’s Life…

What a great Friday morning post. I love it and I’m reblogging to cheer others up.

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Crossed Wires – and the Things People Say

  Years ago, shortly after my youngest son went to university, I was telling a neighbour about his achievement. “Oh! I’ve heard of that. Univer City. It’s in America isn’t it? Even now, when I’m writing the word, I have … Continue reading

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Silver Shimmers

  Silver Shimmers Silver shimmers on the water, Heavenly fans of light shine down From the evening sun, well hidden Under black clouds, a mourning gown ***** There’s real promise in that vision Of a beautiful time to come All … Continue reading

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International Literacy Day-September 8th, 2014

Originally posted on Sleepy Book Dragon:
Today is UNESCO International Literacy Day 2014, a day designed to champion literacy and how it can create sustainable development for the people of the world. More information can be found by going to…

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Love Letters straight from the Heart.

Originally posted on katesclippings:
Remember letters? You wrote to someone on paper, put it in an envelope, addressed, stamped  and posted it. A bundle of friends. Remember the feeling when you get a letter? Remember the feeling of anticipation, trying to guess…

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Starting From Zero

Superb advice from David Gaughran.

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Working with book bloggers – an indie author’s guide

Originally posted on Dark Dates:
This is an edited version of an old post, but it’s an issue I still see as vexing many indie authors in particular, as well as bloggers who get rightfully annoyed when they are spammed…

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A Day in the Life of a Blogger

  Spotting an interesting post from a new male blogger, I click on ‘Follow’. Oh! Too Late! Just as the highlighted word changes to ‘Following’, I catch sight of his avatar photo. God! He looks like a criminal. Why did … Continue reading

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Original Acrylic Painting of Eileen Donan Castle

This painting was originally much bigger. I wasn’t happy with the foreground so chopped it off; I think it works better like this. Promoting Authors, Artists and Poets http:// Your webpage here. Copy … Continue reading

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The Ripples We Create Are Greater Than We Can Imagine

Originally posted on A Mixed Bag:
Every time we do something, it has an effect. It doesn’t matter what we do, it affects something, someone, some way, some how, some time. Drop a pebble in water and the ripples expand…

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Pancho Moves In

Originally posted on SnickerDude:
(Patrick’s Note: Please excuse the sensitive matter of this post. In fact, this is an extremely graphic description of a medical issue I had a few years back. It is not intended for anyone other than…

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Break the Silence – Save our Women and Children

Originally posted on Gillswriting:
Good Morning Friends, Today I recommend listening to Kiss the Rain as you read my post, for today I step outside my usual mental meanderings and ask for your support. I came to Tanzania wanting to help change…

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The Most Important Day of My Life

Originally posted on SnickerDude:
“He has suffered brain damage,” the doctor gravely told my mother after I was born. “We’re not sure about the extent, but he will never walk or speak. He’s probably severely retarded, and I suggest you…

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How to Improve Your Voice

Originally posted on MorganOfTheFey:
This “How to” post is a continuation of my post on Friday about the use of voice for an author. That post explains why it’s so important and how to tell if you need to work…

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