Photos On My Wall


Photos on my wall.

Photos on my wall.


Photos On My Wall

Many photos on my wall

Those happy, smiling faces,

Children young and Oh! So small

Memories, no time erases


Babes in arms, cuddled and kissed,

First ice cream, and days at school,

Loved ones departed, so missed,

Yet others sit around a pool.


Looking at those pictures now,

Brings back those days of leisure,

Wedding gowns, “I do” endow,

You, with all my worldly treasure


An empty space, what was there?

See, it’s dropped behind the frame.

Gaze upon a face so dear,

That man so loved, I took his name.


Many photos on my wall,

Reminders of all that’s passed,

Even if I lose recall

They’ll prompt, help memory last.


Carole Parkes – Copyright September 2014

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About caroleparkes

My husband calls me a butterfly because I flit from one hobby to another. Apart from being a wife for 52 years, a mother of three sons, and a grandmother, I'm also an author, genealogist, amateur artist, a lover of most needlecrafts, and occasional poet. Of the above, my most enduring interest has been writing and I hope to be doing it well into old age.
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24 Responses to Photos On My Wall

  1. jan says:

    Beautiful poem – really captures the melancholy of looking at old pictures.


    • Thank you Jan. I don’t see myself as a poet as I know none of the poetry punctuation rules, ha ha. What the heck though, nothing to stop us joining in for some fun. I will look them up one of these days before I post many more.


    • caroleparkes says:

      Thank you Jan. As we age, so our store of photos and memories increases. Photos always capture the best moments in life. Wouldn’t it be strange, if we took a photo during an argument? I don’t know where that odd thought came from, but it’s making me giggle, ha ha.


  2. ccchanel41 says:

    I really loved this and the photos were beautiful. One thing i cherish most are my children’s pictures. I managed to keep them with me everywhere I moved for the last twenty three years. First box to go. Very cherished. Beautiful and lovely poem.


    • Thank you for your kind comment about the poem and photos. Treasure your family pictures. Children grow so quickly, although it doesn’t always seem like that at the time. One day, you’ll look back and wonder where all those years went. Spend them wisely creating happy memories for your children, and they’ll always stay close.

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  3. This is a delightful read, something we can all associate with.
    Funny digital pictures are put away, never to see the light of day.


  4. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    Photographs are wonderful memory aids. I enjoy having them digitally filed but in my office I have enlarged photographs of all that I have loved especially those who have had their last photograph taken. Albums too are part of the treasures in my bookshelves. More than enough drama in each to entertain for hours. Thanks Carole Parke for a great post.


    • Yes, I love the albums too, but they take up so much room. When my parents went into a nursing home a few years ago, they had 26 albums. I took the photos out of the albums and bought a special photograph box. These hold individual, clear plastic folders, so you can still seperate the pictures into holidays, weddings or whatever. My mum and dad were thrilled when I took the box into the home for them. By the way, thank you for reblogging.

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  5. Lovely Carole – I have thousands of non-digital images most in albums and on a wet, dark day they are brought out and revisited. I will add the list of promoted blogs to my next post.


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