Creating a ‘Specific Friends’ List for Facebook Posts

To keep profile posts private from your other ‘friends’ eyes, you can create a ‘Specific Friend’s’ list. Here is how you do it:

FB Specific Friends


About caroleparkes

My husband calls me a butterfly because I flit from one hobby to another. Apart from being a wife for 52 years, a mother of three sons, and a grandmother, I'm also an author, genealogist, amateur artist, a lover of most needlecrafts, and occasional poet. Of the above, my most enduring interest has been writing and I hope to be doing it well into old age.
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6 Responses to Creating a ‘Specific Friends’ List for Facebook Posts

  1. Very helpful! Thank you!


  2. Good stuff Carole, but for me, limiting people gets way too complicated. I work on the principle everyone is a potential reader and I would want to exclude no-one. I can see when it could be useful, though.


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