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Don’t Let Memories Die

As an avid family historian, I’m a great believer in memoirs and autobiographies. If your aged family members are capable, encourage them to give you a written piece on  their life experiences. If that would be too difficult, encourage them … Continue reading

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Our Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary Miracle

    Our Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary Miracle Our golden wedding anniversary is tomorrow, 29th May 2015, and we are the ones who are most surprised we made it. No, not because we don’t get along, have huge rows, or hate each … Continue reading

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“Eye Say” Have You Heard About The £80,000 Handbags.

I I’ve just read about the Asprey’s customer who ordered a dozen designer handbags at £80,000 each. Am I alone in thinking this high end consumerism is obscene? What do you think? I’d genuinely love to know.

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What Happens In A Recession?

A poem I wrote many years ago but only recently added the last verse.

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Opting Out Of The Tax System

Ever since my husband suffered a heart attack and on his Doctor’s advice gave up work, he jokingly tells everyone that he’s opted out of the tax system. Of course, this isn’t entirely true; although he doesn’t pay Income Tax he most certainly pays other taxes … Continue reading

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