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Review of ‘My Barsetshire Diaries’ by Lord David Prosser

I enjoyed this light hearted, tongue-in-cheek look at the lives of Lord and Lady Prosser mainly because it didn’t need me to do anything but read. As a lover of thrillers with suspense and intrigue, my reading involves trying to … Continue reading

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Judy Martin: This Just About Sums Me up!

I absolutely loved this poem by Judy Martin of It reminds me of the funny poems of Pam Ayres This Just About Sums Me Up! Oh how I wish I was graceful and not a disaster on wheels I trip … Continue reading

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Duke, my own “Boy and his dog” story

Originally posted on Doug's Scribbles and Ramblings:
Anyone who has spent much time around dogs, especially farm dogs, knows their personalities will vary just as much their human counterparts personalities. It’s what makes them unique and special to the…

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The Truth About Grammar

Learning from Experience The Truth About Grammar Knowing about grammar is just like knowing about healthy and unhealthy food. Just when you think you’ve learned it, the rules change.

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The ‘Written Acts of Kindness Award’

The ‘Written Acts of Kindness Award’ My second nomination for this award goes to the lovely, warm hearted blogger known as Edwinasepisodes. This lady is so modest she doesn’t reveal her full name on her website , but she is not shy … Continue reading

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My ‘Tour Through Blogland’ Article

  As promised in my last post, and to fulfill the rules of the blog tour, here is my article. Middle Age Musings The years described as ‘middle age’ are arbitrary, but commonly believed to occur later now than one … Continue reading

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Why I’m Called Gold

  My husband often calls me Gold. When I asked him why, he said it’s better than AU.

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To Percy (PC), Love from Meg Abyte

Sorting through some of my papers, I came across a printed copy of an old email; it was to my youngest son, Brian, who’d left home to attend university. We used to address our emails as if it was our computers … Continue reading

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Does This Sound Familiar?

I couldn’t resist reblogging this from  

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Crossed Wires – and the Things People Say

  Years ago, shortly after my youngest son went to university, I was telling a neighbour about his achievement. “Oh! I’ve heard of that. Univer City. It’s in America isn’t it? Even now, when I’m writing the word, I have … Continue reading

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Eye-Say, Have You Seen Eye-Do?

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Just A Housewife

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The End of The World

I loved this; it made me giggle, so I reblogged. The End of The World.

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Compliments and Put Downs

  A few months ago, our 10-year-old granddaughter built up her granddad’s ego by telling him he was ‘cool’. As his chest was swelling with pride she qualified her statement by saying, “yes cool, Constipated – Overweight – Overrated – Loser”. Oh dear! I … Continue reading

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