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Author’s Dilemma

Author’s Dilemma In Appreciation of My Blogging Friends Oh! What am I doing? I swore I never would Broadcast my whole life in sight of every hood. “You’ll be taking a risk,” So everybody said. “They’ll know about you,” They’re … Continue reading

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The ‘Written Acts of Kindness Reward’ Nomination 3

The ‘Written Acts of Kindness Award’ My third nomination for this award goes to the lovely, unassuming Marian Beaman, who describes herself  as a former plain girl who’s now turning fancy. I’m indebted to Marian who has always supported my posts by frequently commenting … Continue reading

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Co-authored Success

Co-authored Success     I’m delighted to report my writing partner and I have just completed the first draft of our first co-authored book. We began writing together in the first week of February 2015 and completed our first draft … Continue reading

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The ‘Written Acts of Kindness Award’

The ‘Written Acts of Kindness Award’ My second nomination for this award goes to the lovely, warm hearted blogger known as Edwinasepisodes. This lady is so modest she doesn’t reveal her full name on her website http://edwinasepisodes.com , but she is not shy … Continue reading

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Original Acrylic Painting – Boat and Cottages

I added glitter paint to this one, just for fun. My husband laughs at my water fowl. He’s right though, even I have no idea what they’re meant to be. I’m claiming artist’s license, ha ha. Promoting Authors, Artists and Poets … Continue reading

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Lets Lirn Inglish, 6

Let’s Learn English, Lesson 6   Speech Marks or Inverted Commas   The online Oxford Dictionaries website gives the following In direct speech, various punctuation conventions are used to separate the quoted words from the rest of the text: this … Continue reading

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Clarification Needed Regarding the Listing Comma

The Listing Comma, Please Help   As some of you already know, I’m seeking out the official British English grammar guidelines on the internet and posting them as lessons. The emphasis is on British English grammar here as taught in … Continue reading

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Lets Lirn Inglish, 4

   Let’s Learn English Grammar, Lesson 4 Please be aware that I’m not a teacher, I’m learning about grammar using these posts and hope some of you will learn along with me as I seek out the British English grammar … Continue reading

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Lets Lirn Inglish, 3

 Let’s Learn English, 3 Apostrophes The online ‘Oxford Dictionaries’ give two main instances where the apostrophe is needed: “Using apostrophes to show possession Using apostrophes to show omission” Richard Dobbs of  another online website entitled  ‘Grammar and Style in British English’  … Continue reading

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One Lovely Blog Award

  Thank you Emilia Leigh, London based writer, blogger, and dreamer, who nominated me for this ‘One Lovely Blog’ award. Her blog is at  I’m delighted to receive this award as it’s my first as a blogger, so thank you … Continue reading

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