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Meet the Characters: Intended Third Victim, Claudia Atkinson

YOUR LAST BREATH Three months into my new life in London, the older couple in the adjoining house next door moved out, and my undoing moved in. Her name was Claudia Atkinson, and she was one of the most stunning … Continue reading

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YOUR LAST BREATH – Blackmail Excerpt

  YOUR LAST BREATH – Blackmail excerpt. Rushing from the second bedroom, where the computer is set up, back to Amy’s room, Robbie shakes his head in frustration. “Damn! The most important one doesn’t seem to be working again.” He … Continue reading

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Journal of a Serial Killer: 3rd Entry

Available here at $2.99 This is not an excerpt from our gripping thriller ‘Your Last Breath’, but rather a snippet from our main character’s life before he became a serial killer. More journal entries from my co-writer, Doug Lafuze, to … Continue reading

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Please Help! Which Cover Would You Choose?

Some of you, in the replies to my previous post, suggested the images I gave you were all too busy, too colourful, and not plain enough. I’ve taken these lessons  to heart, and I’ve created some plainer book covers for my co-authored crime/suspense … Continue reading

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