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A Great Compliment? No, it’s a Put-down

  We always had great fun with our oldest granddaughter when she was little. Her mum went back to work when she was six months old and we looked after her two days a week from 7.30am until 5.30pm. We … Continue reading

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Diary of a Serial Killer: 2nd Entry

This is not an excerpt from our gripping thriller ‘Your Last Breath’, but rather a snippet from our main character’s life before he became a serial killer. More journal entries from my co-writer, Doug Lafuze, to follow. Please read and … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Memories Die

As an avid family historian, I’m a great believer in memoirs and autobiographies. If your aged family members are capable, encourage them to give you a written piece on  their life experiences. If that would be too difficult, encourage them … Continue reading

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My ‘Tour Through Blogland’ Article

  As promised in my last post, and to fulfill the rules of the blog tour, here is my article. Middle Age Musings The years described as ‘middle age’ are arbitrary, but commonly believed to occur later now than one … Continue reading

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Excerpt from “Tissue of Lies”

Relationships One bitterly cold day just a few weeks before Christmas, things began to get out of hand with Julie’s complicated relationships. During one of Julie’s visits, Jeanette began giving strong hints about spending Christmas day with her daughter and … Continue reading

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Photos On My Wall

    Photos On My Wall Many photos on my wall Those happy, smiling faces, Children young and Oh! So small Memories, no time erases *** Babes in arms, cuddled and kissed, First ice cream, and days at school, Loved … Continue reading

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What Is Love?

  What is Love? Does anybody know what love is? My guess is no-one can define it, or put it into a single sentence, least of all me. Neither am I an expert on marriage, but, having been married for fifty-three years, and … Continue reading

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Crossed Wires – and the Things People Say

  Years ago, shortly after my youngest son went to university, I was telling a neighbour about his achievement. “Oh! I’ve heard of that. Univer City. It’s in America isn’t it? Even now, when I’m writing the word, I have … Continue reading

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Just A Housewife

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The Neuroblastoma Children’s Society Still Needs Your Help

Sadly Millie-Rose Heaton lost her battle against this dreadful disease. We can no longer help Millie-Rose but there are lots of other children suffering this illness. Please visit the Neuroblastoma Children’s Society website where you’ll learn of the other little fighters.

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Millie Rose Website

The Millie-Rose website is open

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Millie-Rose Heaton’s Update

Yesterday, Millie-Rose took a turn for the worse and was having difficulty breathing. Everyone thought it was the cancer but it was a chest infection. I’m happy to say, her updated news on Facebook says she spent a settled night in the … Continue reading

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Free Psychological Thriller

Free to download for 3 days only, starting today 14th June to 17th June Currently 4 Reviews and 4**** Julie Simpson always had a vague suspicion that the dear couple who’d raised her, were not her real parents. To her horror, she … Continue reading

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Compliments and Put Downs

  A few months ago, our 10-year-old granddaughter built up her granddad’s ego by telling him he was ‘cool’. As his chest was swelling with pride she qualified her statement by saying, “yes cool, Constipated – Overweight – Overrated – Loser”. Oh dear! I … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s News Raises Concerns About Care Homes

My post yesterday–about the 89-year-old-man who went missing from his  care home to attend the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day-Landings–raises concerns about how some care homes give care. I must add that this particular care home in Hove, Sussex, (England) has denied reports that … Continue reading

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My First Portrait Sketch


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Funny Things We Do

  As a little girl your grandmother deliberately tucked her skirt into her knickers to play with friends or paddle on the beach; now she may do it accidentally when she visits the toilet. Nothing has changed. Don’t you just … Continue reading

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I May Not Tell You I Love you

One of my older posts re-hashed I May Not Tell You I Love You I may not tell you I love you Perfect husband of many years, But you see the peaceful calm we have And also the lack of … Continue reading

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How Strange Life Is!

How strange life is! Mostly we live our lives in a humdrum sort of way, preparing meals and eating them, washing the dishes, going to school or work, etc., with only the occasional fantastic, “Whoopee” up days.  We leave school, … Continue reading

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Going Away? Make Sure Your Home Is Safe

  WHO DO YOU TELL?   Burglaries are so common now that nearly everyone knows someone who’s been a victim of a burglary. Our homes and cars have expensive alarms, our doors have extra locks, yet despite these preventative precautions, are … Continue reading

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