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Water Colour Pencils on Plain Paper

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From My Archives – Hebe Near Steps

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My First Ever Acylic Painting

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Acrylic Painting From My Archive (5)

Not the best angle for a photograph I agree, but it’s the only one I have and I no longer have the painting. I was trying to get a water-colour appearance from acrylic and thought it worked in the background trees and … Continue reading

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Remember This Miniature Question?

Do you remember when I asked if you could make a picture from the dabbed image below?   The image below is what I saw in it; it’s not a brilliant painting but it was fun. I changed the colours … Continue reading

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Another Acrylic Painting From My Archive (3)

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Another Acrylic Painting from my Archive (2)


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Water Colour Pencils

My first try with water-colour pencils. Promoting Authors http://mirrorofourhealth.ordpress.com http://rachelcarerra.wordpress.com http://stevenleocampbell.com http://wefalllaughing.wordpress.com https://carolec55.wordpress.com

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Another Acrylic Painting From My Archive

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My Mistake

I must apologise for my last post which says “Tissue of Lies” is free from 14th June to 17th June. This free promotion runs from 14th June to 16th June. Monday 16th is the last day for a free download. … Continue reading

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The Second Portrait I Ever Painted

  Original acrylic painting of my first Granddaughter. Painted from a photograph.

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Original Painting From “My Art” (2)

  Another of my acrylic castles but I cannot remember where this one is. Promoting Authors and Artists http://sturdyblog.wordpress.com http://annashinoda.wordpress.com carolec55.wordpress.com http://wefalllaughing.wordpress.com http://retconpoet.wordpress.com http://marlenegutschmidt.wordpress.com

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Second Dabbed Paint On 300gm Wet Paper

    Remember that these dabbed paintings are only 1.5″ x 2.5″. Why not let your children paint the dabs on the wet paper and you can suggest an image from it.  You could even paint the finished picture if they … Continue reading

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First Portrait Painting I’ve Ever Done

My first attempt painting a person; my second Granddaughter in her fairy costume. I painted it in acrylic paints from a photograph and it’s obvious now the angle isn’t right, ha ha. PROMOTING AUTHORS http://otrazhenie.wordpress.com http://bookvolume.com http://islandeditions.wordpress.com https://carolec55.wordpress.com http://wordsmithatwork.com

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Finally added new pages to my site

Yeah! I finally managed to add some new pages to my site. You’ll find original artwork created by me and also my poetry. I do intend to add my genealogy tree but at the moment have only provided the links … Continue reading

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The free promotion of my Kindle book has now ended. Thank you to everybody who downloaded a copy, I hope you enjoy it. For those who haven’t yet obtained their copy, here is a short synopsis of this psychological family thriller. … Continue reading

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