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Painting Just for Fun

Painting for Fun Painting is a great way to relax, rid yourself of stress, and have fun all at the same time. It doesn’t matter if you can’t draw a straight line and you feel absolutely hopeless. This little exercise … Continue reading

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Original Acrylic Painting – Fingers Of Fire

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Remember This Miniature Question?

Do you remember when I asked if you could make a picture from the dabbed image below?   The image below is what I saw in it; it’s not a brilliant painting but it was fun. I changed the colours … Continue reading

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Another Acrylic Painting From My Archive

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The Second Portrait I Ever Painted

  Original acrylic painting of my first Granddaughter. Painted from a photograph.

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Original Painting From “My Art” (2)

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Original Painting from “My Art”

  Carew Castle (Wales) I decided to post my art individually for those who haven’t visited “My Art” page. This is acrylic paint as are most of my paintings. I usually take a photo and then paint it when I get home. … Continue reading

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How Creative Are You?

Here is another miniature, the result of dabbing acrylic paint on wet 300 gm paper What does it suggest to you? You could even photo-shop it showing your suggestions.    

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Second Dabbed Paint On 300gm Wet Paper

    Remember that these dabbed paintings are only 1.5″ x 2.5″. Why not let your children paint the dabs on the wet paper and you can suggest an image from it.  You could even paint the finished picture if they … Continue reading

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Paint Dabbed On Wet 300gm Paper

Have you ever tried wetting your paper and then dabbing on random colour. What I’m showing below is an experiment in this style of painting. I’ve used acrylic paint on miniature sized paper and worked a few of them which I’ll be … Continue reading

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One Of My Older Paintings

Acrylic painting.

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Experimental Art

This was painted with my granddaughter’s cheap box of water colour paints on standard A4 printing paper. I just wanted to see if you can get a reasonable result on thin paper like this.

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Funny Memories

Funny Memories.

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