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If You Weren’t Here – Poem


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Best Way Yet to Make Sure Your Posts Are Reblogged

  Co-operative Reblogging How many of us have spent precious time perfecting a post for our website only to have it seen once, and then sink neglected in the blog graveyard? Few people may have actually seen the post, and … Continue reading

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Author’s Dilemma

Author’s Dilemma In Appreciation of My Blogging Friends Oh! What am I doing? I swore I never would Broadcast my whole life in sight of every hood. “You’ll be taking a risk,” So everybody said. “They’ll know about you,” They’re … Continue reading

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Photos On My Wall

    Photos On My Wall Many photos on my wall Those happy, smiling faces, Children young and Oh! So small Memories, no time erases *** Babes in arms, cuddled and kissed, First ice cream, and days at school, Loved … Continue reading

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Water Colour Pencils on Plain Paper

  Promoting Authors, Artists and Poets http://poetreecreations.org http://keithgarrettpoetry.com http://moorezart.wordpress.com https://carolec55.wordpress.com http://eyewillnotcry.wordpress.com http://disappearinginplainsight.com Your website here Why don’t you copy this list to your next post and add your own website?  You know it makes sense.

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Reblogged… On Writing Poetry – John Thomas Dodds

On Writing Poetry.    

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Coming Out Of The Darkness

Silver shimmering on the water, Heavenly fans of light shine down From the evening sun, well hidden Under black clouds, a mourning gown ***** There’s real promise in that vision Of a beautiful time to come All worries will evaporate … Continue reading

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Dear Fellow Bloggers

BLOGGER FRIENDS Oh! What am I doing? I swore I never would Broadcast my whole life In sight of every hood *** “You’ll be taking a risk” So everyone had said “They’ll know about you.” Scared me, filled me with … Continue reading

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I May Not Tell You I Love you

One of my older posts re-hashed I May Not Tell You I Love You I may not tell you I love you Perfect husband of many years, But you see the peaceful calm we have And also the lack of … Continue reading

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What Happens In A Recession?

A poem I wrote many years ago but only recently added the last verse.

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Finally added new pages to my site

Yeah! I finally managed to add some new pages to my site. You’ll find original artwork created by me and also my poetry. I do intend to add my genealogy tree but at the moment have only provided the links … Continue reading

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The free promotion of my Kindle book has now ended. Thank you to everybody who downloaded a copy, I hope you enjoy it. For those who haven’t yet obtained their copy, here is a short synopsis of this psychological family thriller. … Continue reading

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