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Silver Shimmers

  Silver Shimmers Silver shimmers on the water, Heavenly fans of light shine down From the evening sun, well hidden Under black clouds, a mourning gown ***** There’s real promise in that vision Of a beautiful time to come All … Continue reading

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Original Acrylic Painting of Carew Castle, Wales

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From My Archives – Hebe Near Steps

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Original Painting From “My Art” (2)

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First Portrait Painting I’ve Ever Done

My first attempt painting a person; my second Granddaughter in her fairy costume. I painted it in acrylic paints from a photograph and it’s obvious now the angle isn’t right, ha ha. PROMOTING AUTHORS http://otrazhenie.wordpress.com http://bookvolume.com http://islandeditions.wordpress.com https://carolec55.wordpress.com http://wordsmithatwork.com

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Do I Look Like a Mug?

I just checked my Garden Centre Bill from last week’s shopping trip and was amazed to see I’ve been over-charged again. This time one particular plant costing £22 was entered twice on my bill. Not only that, but some tulip bulbs … Continue reading

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My Spooky Story

 I’ve been researching my family tree for about fourteen years and with the aid of several resources including the internet, I’ve completed a lot of  my family history. About three years into my studies something peculiar happened.  I’d  been using one … Continue reading

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Funny Memories

Funny Memories.

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