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The Old Microscope

Relaxing in her seat as the aeroplane whisked her back to England, Sue Watkins reflected on the past few weeks and how her trip had started off a chain of events. When she’d set off on her holiday to America, … Continue reading

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Run For Your Life

Vincent ran, faster than he’d ever managed before; scared, yet also elated he’d managed to out-manoeuvre his wife’s murderous attack on him. Darkness engulfed him as he continued his flight down the endlessly long, dark tunnel. Too nervous to slow … Continue reading

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The Stranger – A short, short story,

Here’s a little writing exercise I did many years ago. The Stranger The spectacle of the filthy, bedraggled man sitting in the restaurant drew my attention. His matted, dirty hair hung in knots below his hunched shoulders and some of … Continue reading

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