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Author’s Dilemma

Author’s Dilemma In Appreciation of My Blogging Friends Oh! What am I doing? I swore I never would Broadcast my whole life in sight of every hood. “You’ll be taking a risk,” So everybody said. “They’ll know about you,” They’re … Continue reading

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Meet the Author, Doug Lafuze

It’s hard to figure out how to start a piece on one of my least favorite subjects to discuss, myself! Do I start with where I was born, or when I first wanted to be a writer, or how about … Continue reading

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How Do You Choose a Book Cover?

When designing a cover for your book, how do you decide which font and what text colour and size you’re going to use? Where should I place my text? What colours should I use in my image? I’m in the middle … Continue reading

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The Truth About Grammar

Learning from Experience The Truth About Grammar Knowing about grammar is just like knowing about healthy and unhealthy food. Just when you think you’ve learned it, the rules change.

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Free Book Promotion at ‘Author Promo Co-op’

        Author Promo Co-op   (Formerly Jessica’s BOTM)   We want to help you get the word out about your awesome book. We are a group that is committed to cross-promotion and networking. Each month, we feature … Continue reading

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Excerpt from “Tissue of Lies”

Relationships One bitterly cold day just a few weeks before Christmas, things began to get out of hand with Julie’s complicated relationships. During one of Julie’s visits, Jeanette began giving strong hints about spending Christmas day with her daughter and … Continue reading

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Clarification Needed Regarding the Listing Comma

The Listing Comma, Please Help   As some of you already know, I’m seeking out the official British English grammar guidelines on the internet and posting them as lessons. The emphasis is on British English grammar here as taught in … Continue reading

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Lets Lirn Inglish, 5

Let’s Learn English Grammar, Lesson 5 Please be aware I’m not a teacher, I’m learning about grammar using these posts and hope some of you will learn along with me as I seek out the British English grammar on the … Continue reading

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How to use spell check in Word 2007 and Word 2010

Originally posted on LibroEditing proofreading, editing, transcription, localisation:
In this article we’re going to talk about using the spell checker function in Word, including how to find it, how to use it, and when not to believe it. This article…

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Lets Lirn Inglish, 2

Let’s Learn English Together, Lesson Two Last week I looked at capitalization of titles. This week I’m going to learn about capitalization in the body of writing.     The British Council on its Learning English Central website says, “the rules … Continue reading

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Lets Lirn Inglish Grammer Togever

Let’s Learn English Grammar Together The English language and its diversity never ceases to amaze me, and as a writer from England, I need to know all the grammar peculiarities of the written word. As I learn, perhaps you’d like to join … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life of a Blogger

  Spotting an interesting post from a new male blogger, I click on ‘Follow’. Oh! Too Late! Just as the highlighted word changes to ‘Following’, I catch sight of his avatar photo. God! He looks like a criminal. Why did … Continue reading

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Water Colour Pencils on Plain Paper

  Promoting Authors, Artists and Poets http://poetreecreations.org http://keithgarrettpoetry.com http://moorezart.wordpress.com https://carolec55.wordpress.com http://eyewillnotcry.wordpress.com http://disappearinginplainsight.com Your website here Why don’t you copy this list to your next post and add your own website?  You know it makes sense.

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We Never Know What We Can Achieve Until We Try

We often tell others we’d be hopeless at drawing, painting, writing or baking when in fact we’ve never even tried. Those of you who have followed my posts and seen all my early work will know my art-work is far … Continue reading

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Lucky 7 Challenge

Here is the challenge. On your WIP (work in progress) go to page 7 or 77 whichever you choose, and from the 7th line post 7 consecutive unedited sentences to your blog. Tag 7 people. Page 7 (or 77) 7th Line Post 7 … Continue reading

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Flash Fiction 2

Eye Test Her boyfriend had warned her about the drinking but she couldn’t seem to stop. Now she felt disoriented. Her vision constantly blurred then re-adjusted all in a matter of moments. It was hard to focus. Suddenly, everything cleared. … Continue reading

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The Stranger – A short, short story,

The Stranger – A short, short story,.

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The Stranger – A short, short story,

Here’s a little writing exercise I did many years ago. The Stranger The spectacle of the filthy, bedraggled man sitting in the restaurant drew my attention. His matted, dirty hair hung in knots below his hunched shoulders and some of … Continue reading

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