Holiday Home Highs and Lows


Five years ago, we did what we’d talked about for years and bought our first static  caravan. It was an oldish one, nine years old. We were lucky because the caravan park where we have our holiday home doesn’t have the usual ten-year rule where caravans over ten-years old are removed from the park. No matter what their age is caravans may stay in the park provided they are well maintained.

Our holiday home did need some improvements. For instance, access to the caravan was via some rusty, wobbly iron steps, the height of which meant we had to practically jump from the top step into the caravan. The carpets and sofas were not to our taste either, but as it had been a top of the range model when originally bought, we reckoned it would be worth spending a little if we were going to holiday in it for several years to come. This is what we did.

These images show our caravan when we first purchased it.

Our first job was to do away with the rickety steps and have some new decking and skirt installed.

The new extended decking.


The new decking made a world of difference  to the look of the old caravan, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Our second priority was to get rid of the broken dishwasher which leaked water. Since there is only two of us, we decided to have a washing machine in its place and also installed a tumble drier in the shed.

Next to disappear were the carpets and seating. It was a good quality, leather suite, but just too big for a static caravan.

The original seating.


We bought just a sofa and one chair to begin with, but later went back to order another chair.

The new seating and flooring.

The main bedroom was the next room to receive some attention. I didn’t want to go to the expense of buying new curtains as the drapes in the wardrobes and bed canopy were all matching. They would have been really expensive to replace, so I just bought some plain lemon fabric and replaced the sun-faded trimmings on the original curtains. Then I added some home-made cushions and an extra table topper using the left over lemon fabric.

The original drapes with sun faded trim.


The following photos show the bedroom after replacing the faded trimmings and adding some cushions and table top covers.

This made the bedroom look much brighter and fresh.

With the interior refurbishment complete we could concentrate on the garden. It was a good-sized garden compared to others on the site. We hadn’t realised it was so large because half of it was overgrown with waist-high weeds. One side had a grassed area of lawn with flower borders and the other had several trees and bushes. It was the wooded area that was neglected, but the lawn and flower beds had been looked after. I didn’t take photos of it before my daughter-in-law cleared the weeds, but I do have lots of photos of it afterwards.






As you can see, the patio seating area is really private, surrounded as it is with lots of shrubs and trees.

I will be adding to this page from time to time. Please do come back to see what we get up to.