My Craft

I was a tailor(ess)  for a few years before my marriage, and then later I became a Sample Maker and worked in a couple of Design Rooms. The samples were for the buyers of Marks & Spencer, and a few other big stores. In this capacity I have made men’s suits, ladies fashion jeans, nightgowns and blouses.

I’ve always been interested in needlework and this page will include all my experiments in various needle crafts.

Purple Flowers

Purple Flowers – Cross Stitch

Yellow Flowers - Cross Stitch

Yellow Flowers – Cross Stitch



Pink Flowers - Cross Stitch

Pink Flowers – Cross Stitch

Flower BasketRabbits

Cross-Stitched Arbour

Crazy Patchwork

Crazy Patchwork

Cathedral Window Patchwork

Cathedral Window Patchwork


Machine Embroidery and Applique

Machine Embroidery and Applique

Padded and Embroidered Flower Decorations

Padded and Embroidered Flower Decorations


Patchwork Square

Patchwork Square




Cross-Stitched Wedding


14 Responses to My Craft

  1. Kazzmoss says:

    These are lovely Carole. I particularly like the garden gate one. I expect that took a while and was fiddly to do. They always are but when you’ve finished, it’s so worth it!


  2. debiriley says:

    wow! these are stunning, they really opened my eyes to cross stitch and needle work! you are very creative and have done wonderful work 🙂


  3. craftymissj says:

    your cross stitching is beautiful! it’s one of my favorite crafts


  4. Oh Carole that cross stitch brings back such fond memories at my grandmothers ;=) Thanks for sharing.

    Be A blessing!



  5. HI Carole! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and deciding to follow. I’ve really enjoyed looking through your lovely site. Though I’m from the U.S., I lived in England for a bit (London), I love cross-stitch, and I admire anyone who tackles a mystery/thriller! Good for you for pursuing life & writing. I look forward to following you!


  6. Helen C says:

    Good morning, Carol. You are so talented! I always wanted a Cathedral Window Patchwork, but I think it is too difficult for me to make it 😉
    Thanks for visiting and following my blog. It is very nice to have a chance visiting your blog. I enjoy reading it a lot. Helen


    • Hey! don’t put yourself down; I’m sure you could do it too. This was the first and only one I’ve created. I just followed a library book instruction. It looks far more difficult than it actually is, the skill is in pressing the fabric into folds first. Trouble with me is, that once I’ve had a go at that, I want to try something else, ha ha.


  7. I can only manage sewing a button on clothes! I envy you and your talent! Wonderful work!


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