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Meet the Characters: First murder Victim, Valerie Holbrook,

‘YOUR LAST BREATH‘ A shocking, gripping thriller. Meet first victim VALERIE, well, not really a victim since she asked Raymond Lang to help her commit suicide. She wanted to be with her beloved husband in heaven, but feared she wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Basic Plots: Quest

Originally posted on Story Empire:
Ciao, SEers. Today we’re going to discuss our fifth of the Seven Basic Plots as defined by Christopher Booker. If you’ve missed the others, you can find them here: Rebirth, Tragedy, Comedy, and Voyage and…

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YOUR LAST BREATH – Blackmail Excerpt

  YOUR LAST BREATH – Blackmail excerpt. Rushing from the second bedroom, where the computer is set up, back to Amy’s room, Robbie shakes his head in frustration. “Damn! The most important one doesn’t seem to be working again.” He … Continue reading

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