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Creating a ‘Specific Friends’ List for Facebook Posts

To keep profile posts private from your other ‘friends’ eyes, you can create a ‘Specific Friend’s’ list. Here is how you do it:  

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A Taster

via A Taster

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MEET THE CHARACTERS FROM YOUR LAST BREATH A unique opportunity to meet the characters from the shocking, gripping, and suspenseful thriller ‘Your Last Breath’ Your Last Breath’ is far more than just another who-done-it murder story. From the start you … Continue reading

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Meet the Characters: Almost Fifth Victim, Cindy

YOUR LAST BREATH A virtual stranger in London, serial-killer, Raymond Lang. is delighted when he bumps into someone from his own country. Excerpt Cindy has a pleasant, innocent smile which seems to constantly light up her face, so much so, … Continue reading

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