Myth – In England, It’s Grim Up North

I’ve heard the saying ‘It’s grim up north’ so many times that I’m dedicating a page on my website just to prove how lovely it is. Mind you, I’m taking a risk here that our beautifully secluded places may be a little more crowded when word gets out. Here’s MORECAMBE in Lancashire.


Once slated publicly by author Sam Jordison for being a crap town, the author has revisited Morecambe and now claims he’d now jump at the chance of a holiday there. See what he now says about it here:

Another view. This time, of the fabulous stone pier which has a flat ground maze and lots of other fun things to engage in as you take a stroll out into the sea. There’s a giant set of bowls, an unusual game of hopscotch, and several other attractions. Here it is with the maze in the background.

Below are the rules for Magpie Hopscotch. I didn’t take a picture of the actual hopscotch layout. Maybe I will the next time I visit.


One of Morecambe’s famous sons is Eric Morecambe. Here’s the monument dedicated to him.

Dotted all around Morecambe are hundreds of bird sculptures. They make an interesting focal point for the town. Children can count the different types of birds they see there and see if they spot any unusual ones. Here are a few.

This is just one of the fabulous places I’ll be writing about to change the minds of people who think ‘it’s grim up north’.



Here’s another lovely place to see. Rufford Old Hall in Lancashire is a smaller National Trust property, but interesting. Although the grounds aren’t huge, they are lovely. One lawn area has a supply of outdoor games. Archery equipment, hula hoops, balls, croquet sets and other things. They are free to use and you can spend a good hour there enjoying connecting with family or friends. The apple orchid has apples of many varieties and they were ripe for picking. Visitors, however, are not allowed to do that. The grounds are really close to the Leeds/Liverpool canal, so you can also enjoy a leisurely canal walk too. It’s well worth a visit.