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Do Competitions Necessarily Show the Cream of the Book Crop?

Success as an author seems to depend on how much money you can spend on promoting yourself. EVEN ENTRY TO BOOK COMPETITIONS REQUIRES A FEE. In the first book competition I’ve ever entered, I was given a date for my … Continue reading

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Tweeting Co-Promotion

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Originally posted on Rainne's Ramblings:
Today I’m going to introduce you to a group, on Facebook, that I am part of. It’s a recently formed group and we are still finding our feet, but it’s a good group with…

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Waiting for Bluebells

I can’t wait for spring! Can you write a short poem? Struggling for something  to post on your blog? Why not write a short poem using this photo as inspiration and post it on your own website. You can feature a photo … Continue reading

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How Do You Choose a Book Cover?

When designing a cover for your book, how do you decide which font and what text colour and size you’re going to use? Where should I place my text? What colours should I use in my image? I’m in the middle … Continue reading

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We Never Know What We Can Achieve Until We Try

We often tell others we’d be hopeless at drawing, painting, writing or baking when in fact we’ve never even tried. Those of you who have followed my posts and seen all my early work will know my art-work is far … Continue reading

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Lucky 7 Challenge

Here is the challenge. On your WIP (work in progress) go to page 7 or 77 whichever you choose, and from the 7th line post 7 consecutive unedited sentences to your blog. Tag 7 people. Page 7 (or 77) 7th Line Post 7 … Continue reading

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