Meet the Characters


A unique opportunity to meet the characters from the shocking, gripping, and suspenseful thriller YOUR LAST BREATH.

‘Your Last Breath’ is far more than just another who-done-it murder story. From the start, you know who is committing the murders. What adds to the intense suspense are the characters and stories of the victims.

This page is ongoing and will be updated periodically as more characters are added. To begin with, let’s start with the serial killer’s victims. There are five in total, but two other females also came close to becoming his prey.


In truth, Valerie wasn’t really a victim. Her beloved husband, Justin, had died and she was finding life a struggle without him.  She wanted to commit suicide but was afraid if she did it herself, she wouldn’t get to heaven where she was sure she’d find Justin. With this in mind, Valerie asked Raymond Lang–voted in high school as The Most Likely to be a Serial Killer–to assist her.

He’s always been a shy misfit, intent on achieving his dream of becoming an author of suspenseful thrillers, but he’s thwarted by writer’s block whenever he tries to write about the gruesome murder scenes necessary for his book.

The buzz he experiences in Valerie’s death enables him to overcome this impediment to his writing. This newfound ability doesn’t last long though and soon he has to find another victim just to see if the ‘cure’ is a fluke…

‘Your Last Breath’

Read more about Valerie HERE in this book excerpt.



Tammy is a tall, fifty-something, blond-haired, blue-eyed woman with a stocky build. Despite being married, she is always on the hunt for men, especially younger ones, like Lang. Her husband, Eddie, is one of Lang’s friends and certainly doesn’t deserve to be cheated on.

After his experience with Valerie, Lang is looking for someone to kill, someone who won’t be missed too much in this world, and Tammy fits the bill. When she tries bullying him into having sex with her, it gives him the perfect opportunity to see if his euphoric writing spree was just a one-off or something that can be repeated until he reaches his goal of writing the perfect crime thriller. Will killing her solve his recurring writer’s block…?

Your Last Breath

Read more about Tammy HERE in this book excerpt.



On the night Ray Lang is intent on killing Claudia Atkinson, her mother, Laura, just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Laura arrives at her daughter’s house while she is out. Lang doesn’t know about her impromptu visit and when he sees the lights on, he assumes Claudia has come home early and it s her taking the shower.

Claudia has been teasing him for months until he can’t take any more. His frustration with her leads to an even more horrific shower scene than the one made famous by Hitchcock in ‘Psycho’.

When Lang’s violent knife attack causes Laura to rip down the shower curtain in her fall, he realises it isn’t his intended victim, Claudia, but for the sake of his unfinished manuscript, he has to finish it and take Laura’s final breath…

Your Last Breath

Read more about Laura HERE in this book excerpt.



When he flees the states and relocates to London, Claudia Atkinson is the first English girl Raymond Lang meets. She lives next door and is one of the most stunning women he’s ever seen. He adores her long, red hair which she normally wears in a ponytail. When it’s let down she takes his breath away. She has beautiful, light-blue eyes, a narrow but perfect nose, also pink, utterly kissable lips, and a body every man would want.

She loves to run; so she has long muscular legs, a tight ass, firm abs, and a large chest. When she isn’t running the streets, she’s running on her treadmill in her pink and white compression shorts and dark-pink sports bra. While she works out in her front room, he often watches her from the street while ‘working’ on his car. He loves watching her ponytail bobbing to the beat of her footsteps and her tight-fitting top straining to hold her chest back while her toned muscular body glistens with sweat.

Working on his car in the evenings becomes such a regular thing, that his writing begins suffering. When they actually start talking and seem to hit it off, writing takes a back seat in his life. He finds her as charming and friendly as she is beautiful. She finds his American accent intriguing and is fascinated by the fact he’s a writer. He shares some of his stuff with her and she says she loves it. She invites him over for tea and they talk for hours. On several occasions, he invites her over for his American cooking. Her favorite was his mom’s recipe for special cheeseburgers.

Before he can stop himself, he’s in love with Claudia. He thinks she feels the same about him, at least, until Geoffrey appears on the scene. Claudia quits hanging out with Lang altogether and spends all her time with her new man. After only a few weeks her new boyfriend moves in. It’s torture for Lang to see them so happy together, hugging, kissing, and then disappearing into her bedroom for the night.

He sits in his darkened car and watches them together night after night. Evil thoughts start creeping back into his head, quiet at first, then growing in volume. He tries to ignore them but they won’t go away. His happy life in London has turned into a hellish nightmare, and he blames Claudia for his unhappiness and his dark thoughts.

He loves her yet he hates her. The conflicting emotions bring confusion to his mind again and that’s when his need for blood really takes root and starts growing…

Your Last Breath

Read more about Claudia HERE in this book excerpt



Lang first spots Amy in an up-market coffee shop in Westminster. It’s her low-buttoned, white blouse and high-cut, black skirt that initially catches his eye. He can tell by her appearance and the way she moves she’s nothing more than trash with aspirations for being more. Watching her move around the room cleaning tables and flirting with the single men cements the notion. She’s perfect for what he has planned…

Amy’s dark-brown hair, cut just above her shoulders, sways softly with the movement of her head. Her cheeks are covered in way too much makeup for his taste, but the excessive eye shadow and liner really do make her beautiful, deep-blue eyes stand out as they seek the attention of every man in the room. Her bright-red lipstick assures her soft, kissable lips are not outdone by her eyes.

Lang can’t help but stare at her lips and bright-white teeth as she flirts her way from table to table smiling seductively. He knows he’s found another tramp…

Your Last Breath

Read more about Amy HERE in this book excerpt.



Lang meets Cindy in an internet cafe. Born in Tennessee, she’s now working in London for a short time. Cindy has a pleasant and innocent smile which seems to constantly light up her face. So much so, Lang has trouble looking at her gorgeous blue eyes as they talk because he’s constantly drawn to her gorgeous smile. He’s attracted to her and thinks maybe he can finally get serious and be part of a couple.

When she impulsively writes her phone number on a paper napkin and gives it to him, he has second thoughts about her. That’s a bit forward. Can anyone truly be as sweet as she first seemed? He makes up his mind to test her. If she doesn’t measure up to his ideal, he’ll have no qualms about making her his fifth victim.

Lang doesn’t get the chance to check her out, though, nor to learn her full name. The London police are after him regarding Laura’s murder and he has to flee again. This time, he heads north, to Liverpool. Will he continue his killing spree there, or will he try to keep his head down? The need to finish his book is still strong.

Your Last Breath

Read more about Cindy HERE in this book excerpt.



Lang finds Annabelle on Facebook. She’s a writer, a blogger, and a dance-costume designer. He can’t believe she’s so gullible as to leave her computer settings easily accessible to outsiders. Finding everything about her he needs to know, even her home address, he sets about stalking her, even playing a tense game of cat and mouse as he spies on her from outside her home. Will she see him…?

Your Last Breath

Read more about Annabelle HERE in this book excerpt.



A few of the other characters you’ll discover:

RAYMOND THOMAS LANG JUNIOR – the reluctant serial killer who accidentally discovers his writer’s block disappears after he’s inhaled his victim’s final breath.

ALEX RENSHAW – Private detective, a lonely, widower who has a young daughter to care for.

ROBBIE OWUSU – An illegal immigrant and Boyfriend of Amy Chadwick, the fourth victim.

CECIL ABERNATHY – The corrupt home secretary. Amy and Robbie planned to blackmail the minister by sexually entrapping him and demanding Robbie’s legal residence status.

MARCUS THOMS – The thug Abernathy uses when he needs to silence someone.

JAYNE COOPER – Annabelle’s best friend who provides the love interest.

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