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An Unusual Holiday Souvenir

    Many years ago, when my children were small, I bought a chunk of land. It is land of great historical importance as it’s the land where William the Conqueror’s army first set foot on English soil. I say … Continue reading

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A Question of Perception

      What Do You Think About Caravans? It has always fascinated me how people from different nations and cultures view caravans, or rather mobile homes as they are more commonly known here now. This difference seems more noticeable … Continue reading

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Original Acrylic Painting

  This is another photo of one of my paintings where the flash from my camera has reflected on the glass. Again, it’s in an appropriate place where a lot of these castles do have floodlights on their roofs. I should … Continue reading

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Original Acrylic Painting, Fishing in the Gambia

I’ve tried several times to take a picture of this painting. I framed it under glass so it always reflected a light or shadows. This time I took it out of the frame before taking the photo, but it still … Continue reading

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Original Painting From “My Art” (2)

  Another of my acrylic castles but I cannot remember where this one is. Promoting Authors and Artists

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Yesterday’s News Raises Concerns About Care Homes

My post yesterday–about the 89-year-old-man who went missing from his  care home to attend the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day-Landings–raises concerns about how some care homes give care. I must add that this particular care home in Hove, Sussex, (England) has denied reports that … Continue reading

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89 Year Old Man Missing

I just loved the news item today which told the story of an 89-year-old man whose Nursing Home managers told him he couldn’t go to Normandy to take part in the 70th Anniversary of the D Day Landings. He was … Continue reading

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The Beautiful English Countryside

I I’ve just had a week away in the beautiful English countryside and saw some delightful heart-warming moments. There was a sweet pheasant chick trying to bury itself head first in its mother’s back feathers. It was obviously frightened by the … Continue reading

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Going Away? Make Sure Your Home Is Safe

  WHO DO YOU TELL?   Burglaries are so common now that nearly everyone knows someone who’s been a victim of a burglary. Our homes and cars have expensive alarms, our doors have extra locks, yet despite these preventative precautions, are … Continue reading

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Summer At Last

I apologise for neglecting my blog recently but England’s long-awaited sunshine has tempted me away from my computer. Like most people I’ve been kept indoors for most of this year by our miserable weather; more recently I’ve been out and … Continue reading

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