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Judy Martin: This Just About Sums Me up!

I absolutely loved this poem by Judy Martin of It reminds me of the funny poems of Pam Ayres This Just About Sums Me Up! Oh how I wish I was graceful and not a disaster on wheels I trip … Continue reading

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Things I Don’t Owe my Indie Friends.

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I love art. Especially, I love indie art. I love the spirit behind it, and I love the sassiness of artists breaking off the mainstream, staying true to their visions. I beta read…

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a message for the world.

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lesvos, greece.   volunteers have a message for the world made from refugee life jackets. — credit: open homes open hearts u.s.

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Reviews I’ve Given

My Review Star System I always start with five stars. Then depending on certain criteria I add points or deduct them. A) Minus 0.5 star, if the book has less than ten missing words, misplaced punctuation, spelling errors, or extra words. … Continue reading

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Do You Have Impossibilities in Your Writing?

The poem below reminds me of some goofs I’ve read while perusing early writings of budding authors. The ones I’ve come across may not contrast as vividly as the lines in the poem below, but they do make the reader pause … Continue reading

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Searching for Happiness is Futile

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We must learn to love ourselves before we can love another. This is a well known fact now. Knowing our self worth is so important.? So many times in our life we search…

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Meet the Author, Doug Lafuze

It’s hard to figure out how to start a piece on one of my least favorite subjects to discuss, myself! Do I start with where I was born, or when I first wanted to be a writer, or how about … Continue reading

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