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Funny Memories

Funny Memories.

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Oh! Look What You’ve Done Now.

My husband of 48 years is really sweet, kind and easy to get along with. However, there are times when he drives me to distraction. I spend a lot of my time putting things away after he’s left them out … Continue reading

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How vigilant are you?

How vigilant are you?.

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How vigilant are you?

This morning’s news had an article where someone unknowingly paid something like £450 for a loaf of bread. The mistake was only discovered when he went to buy something else and found there wasn’t enough money left in the bank … Continue reading

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I’m now a member of Goodreads

I finally did what I should have done ages ago; I’ve become more active with Goodreads. Yeay! I’m still learning the ropes so forgive me if my profile there isn’t very professional looking. Hey, why would it be? My profile … Continue reading

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