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Lets Lirn Inglish, 4

   Let’s Learn English Grammar, Lesson 4 Please be aware that I’m not a teacher, I’m learning about grammar using these posts and hope some of you will learn along with me as I seek out the British English grammar … Continue reading

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Original Acrylic Painting, Fishing in the Gambia

I’ve tried several times to take a picture of this painting. I framed it under glass so it always reflected a light or shadows. This time I took it out of the frame before taking the photo, but it still … Continue reading

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Lets Lirn Inglish, 3

 Let’s Learn English, 3 Apostrophes The online ‘Oxford Dictionaries’ give two main instances where the apostrophe is needed: “Using apostrophes to show possession Using apostrophes to show omission” Richard Dobbs of  another online website entitled  ‘Grammar and Style in British English’  … Continue reading

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How to use spell check in Word 2007 and Word 2010

Originally posted on LibroEditing proofreading, editing, transcription, localisation:
In this article we’re going to talk about using the spell checker function in Word, including how to find it, how to use it, and when not to believe it. This article…

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Throwing Off the Wet Blanket

Originally posted on Blair MacGregor:
It happens to a bunch of writers—particularly those writers who are enthusiastic storytellers and seeking better ways to write those stories.  (Perhaps writers like those who have attended, and are currently attending Viable Paradise.  Just…

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One Lovely Blog Award

  Thank you Emilia Leigh, London based writer, blogger, and dreamer, who nominated me for this ‘One Lovely Blog’ award. Her blog is at  I’m delighted to receive this award as it’s my first as a blogger, so thank you … Continue reading

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Does This Sound Familiar?

I couldn’t resist reblogging this from  

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Lets Lirn Inglish, 2

Let’s Learn English Together, Lesson Two Last week I looked at capitalization of titles. This week I’m going to learn about capitalization in the body of writing.     The British Council on its Learning English Central website says, “the rules … Continue reading

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Publishing Is Rotten To The Core

I’m reblogging this because I believe every writer should be aware of the conflict within publishing.

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Lets Lirn Inglish Grammer Togever

Let’s Learn English Grammar Together The English language and its diversity never ceases to amaze me, and as a writer from England, I need to know all the grammar peculiarities of the written word. As I learn, perhaps you’d like to join … Continue reading

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