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The Minter

5* Beautifully written psychological thriller

I got into this thriller almost immediately, and in fact, made myself late for work several days in a row because I simply could not out it down. Tissue of Lies is an extremely well-written psychological thriller that follows a housewife, Julie, who searches for her birth parents. To protect her beloved adoptive parents, she creates a “Tissue of Lies” and proceeds to live a double life. She is blissfully unaware that she is setting herself and everyone she loves up in a dangerous scheme. I hope this book gets made into a Lifetime movie.

A Moran-Soley

5* Unputdownable

Clever and compelling – once you start ‘Tissue of Lies’ you won’t be able to put it down!
This author has created a fascinating and inventive scenario that really gets the reader thinking and questioning, ‘what would I do in this situation?’

Julie and her family are likeable and believable characters anyone can relate to. However, they are developed in such a subtle manner the twists and turns will catch even the most well-read thriller/drama/mystery fan off guard.

A five star novel that will hook you from the start and would make an amazing movie. I will be recommending, ‘Tissue of Lies’ to family and friends and suggest you read it too!

Nicola Squares


Fantastic book. Very gripping and original. Really enjoyed it. It’s a shame it isn’t out in paperback as I’d like to buy it for my mum to read. Well done Ms Parkes.

Michelle Cooper

4* Well thought out story

This is a really great story,with many twists and turns ,the characters are good and the story flows along nicely,my only gripe knocking off a star for this reason is that towards the end the character Jeanette,all of a sudden became Jean,and it became frustrating,there are also a few repeated words within the book and a few silly mistakes e.g site instead of sight,I do not want to seem picky,and would not put anyone off reading the book because of this as it is a good read, it just needs a further proof read.


4* Tangled lies

A thriller of a story enclosed in many tangled lies.
The author slowly weaves the lies, entangles her main characters within their threads and reveals the consequences and outcomes with a few twists to her plot.
I have already encouraged two more purchases to friends that l know will fully enjoy this story and would recommend this to anyone who has a fascination with the weight a lie could carry. An enjoyable read.


This book is an enjoyable read. Keeps you engrossed till the end. I can not wait till your next book.