‘A Writer’s Blog’ from the Killer’s Perspective

I’m reblogging this excellent post from Doug of https://gleanermansblog.wordpress.com

He has written a fantastic counter story to my last post ‘A Writer’s Blog’, which he claims has inspired him. Here then is Doug’s story:

The View from The Other Side


Doug's Scribbles and Ramblings

After reading author Carole Parkes’ short story on her blog about a woman who is murdered in her own kitchen, told from the victim’s point of view, I felt inspired to write the killers point of view of the same murder. I realize that my skill with the keyboard is no where near Carole’s, so I hope I do her post justice. . . . . . . . . . .



The words, Chapter 19, stared back at Ray from his white computer screen as it had now for almost two hours. He had the idea he wanted to use for the latest chapter of his crime thriller novel, but he just couldn’t picture it in his head so he could put it to words.

“This is maddening!” he muttered as he picked up the brown glass bottle of beer that sat sweating beside his monitor and…

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